What is a "Service Manager On-Demand"?

Our service offer "Service Manager On-Demand"

With our “Service Manager On-Demand” range of services, we support our customers in strategic and operational IT service management. We are at your side with advice and also intervene operationally in what is happening. Among other things, we manage the IT service providers and take on tasks and responsibilities.

"Service Manager On-Demand" as a service.

In our discussions with potential customers on the subject of Service Manager On-Demand or “(anything) as a Service”, we always meet with great interest. The request “Please send me your résumé” almost always comes up. This shows us that services in this area are still assigned to a specific person, while it is already common practice in other industries to actually understand a service as a service and to use it as such.

Where? Since it’s summer time, let’s just take a family’s vacation trip to Mallorca as a comparative example. Nobody comes up with the idea of ​​asking about the résumé of the pilot or co-pilot or asking for the aircraft’s logbook. Although these are safety-related factors on the trip, you rarely get to see the pilots. They can only be heard during the announcement of the greeting or during the interim report of the flight with regard to the remaining flight time, the flight altitude and the weather situation. Such announcements do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the training, experience and quality of the pilots.

Service "as a Service" based on air travel as an example.

We all simply assume that the entire system, which is necessary for the service, is set up optimally and therefore works without friction. So this means that we trust that the pilot and the co-pilot are perfectly trained, both for flying itself and for the specific aircraft, the machine itself. Our assumption goes further: we assume that both pilots successfully complete the regular medical and psychological examinations. They also have the necessary experience – both for the machine and for all take-off and landing maneuvers at different airports. We also assume that the board staff are well trained in dealing with passengers, are always polite, friendly and are always ready to help in fulfilling customer requests. The plane is cleaned. The drinks and food for the trips are fresh and tasty. The aircraft is of course professionally maintained and has enough fuel both for the journey and for any incidents such as holding patterns. The maintenance technicians have the necessary training and the appropriate authorizations to maintain the aircraft, and the prescribed maintenance intervals are observed. The air traffic controllers in the individual countries on the way to Mallorca are also well trained, rested and accordingly attentive. The technical systems for air traffic control are all well maintained, ready for use and safe from any hacker attacks. The flight planning is done, the flight plans approved and the slots for the take-offs allocated accordingly. The individual security precautions at the airport are coordinated and protect against possible hazards. Of course, the passengers are also continuously checked for valid negative COVID tests. You can go on and on with this list.

A service that is basically easy to acquire, the Vienna-Mallorca flight, contains a multitude of complex, interwoven services. We, the passengers, only value the SLAs – the flight times – and the price. In doing so, we trust that all of what we have listed above is fulfilled.

We take care of the provision of the service "as a Service".

It is the same with the topic “… as a service”. We – Blueponte – take care of the professional, certified training, the timely provision of the service, the corresponding back office and everything necessary to deliver the defined scope of services. From now on you no longer have to ask for résumés, screen them and take action yourself, but can embark on a high-quality IT service journey with us.

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