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SIAM Insights

Service Integration and Management

A new and efficient way for multi-provider management. Bringing clarity to the complex business world.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM), is the future-oriented framework for efficient multi-provider management. SIAM is a rapidly growing, ITIL-based management model that is used in complex environments with many different service providers. As with ITIL, SIAM is guidebook to best manage service providers in a multi-provider environment.


What is new, if I use SIAM?

  1. Introduction of the Service Integrator Function
  2. Business Focus

Concept of  a Service Integrator

The main role of the service integrator

So far, companies that have outsourced services have not had an internal function that takes on the overall responsibility for the holistic provision of services and control of different suppliers.
SIAM closes this gap by acting as a service integrator. The service integrator is a single, logical unit that is responsible for the optimal end-to-end delivery of services. Figuratively speaking, the service integrator is a much like a construction site supervisor or a conductor.

Structure of Service Integrators

The four structural models of the Service Integrator

Where to locate the Service Integrator differs for each organization. There are four structural models:

You take on the role of Service Integrator. It stays in your organization.

An external organization assumes the role of Service Integrator. Strong governance is necessary.

You take over the responsibility for the Service Integrator. 

A service provider takes the role of Service Integrator.

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no more silos

The important foresight

SIAM is becoming increasingly important to corporations, governments and large organizations as it breaks down prevailing silos. The model incorporates various disciplines such as IT service management, supplier management, enterprise architecture, change management, quality management and risk management, thus enabling a holistic view of sourcing for IT & business services. Why is this foresight so important? Find out more in our SIAM FAQs.

how has SIAM emerged

The creation of the treasure map for multi-provider control

The SIAM model was developed in the envirnment of the British government. The goverment had made it its task to make the cooperation wiht all its suppliers transparent, efficient and in the interest of the client or user. Step by step SIAM was created as a management model and best practice collection. 

more Information

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