Our founding story

It started with a cat

On a beautiful February day, Ronald and Lorenz met in a well-known Viennese bakery. The two have known each other for a long time and worked together for a large IT service provider. After Lorenz introduced Ronald to the topic of SIAM some time ago, Ronald had the idea to make more of it than just an interesting topic of conversation. To get the ball rolling, at the meeting he put a picture of a Siamese cat for him with coffee and said: “We will do that!” Lorenz replied somewhat puzzled: “What, a cat?” And so the first ideas came on the table.

Our team: get Markus Müller on board

It took more than a year to make the decision to start a business. Just how should we do that? After some research, we ended up with Markus Müller – Mr. SIAM himself. As luck would have it, Markus Müller lives in Vienna. So it was clear that a meeting had to be arranged. Said and done. Hours of conversation followed about SIAM, and how the future of IT sourcing could be lifted into a new dimension with SIAM. After all, we were able to win Markus over as a founding member through our charm, passion and vision on the subject.

Our name: Blueponte

The blue is easy to explain. It’s our favorite color. And Ponte, the bridge, is symbolic of us as bridge builders. We see ourselves as a bridge between companies and their providers. As support and pioneer at the same time. As a direct route to a SIAM-oriented organization.

Our Mission: Bringing Trust To IT Sourcing

We founded Blueponte with the aim of restoring trust in IT sourcing. Now we look forward to using our passion and our knowledge to support you with your sourcing projects.

Get to know us!

Would you like to find out more about our Blueponte SIAM approach? Or get to know us? Write us.

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