We launched Blueponte 2 years ago.

Yes, it has been two years and one week since we’ve founded Blueponte. We’d like to take this occasion to say „thank you” to all of you who noticed last week and congratulated us.

All journeys start with the first step, so did ours. A little more than 3 years ago, over business breakfast and coffee meetings, we realized that we had to join forces and make the world a better place with our services, and a management model called SIAM, still very unknown in Austria. On our best practice study trip to England, Lorenz and Ronald met our third founder, Markus. After a few meetings and lunches, it was clear to us that we would do business together. We left England knowing that our founding team was complete. That was exactly 2 years and one week ago.

Ja genau vor zwei Jahren 


What should our company look like and how do we make it successful?

Such questions, and many more, preoccupied us very intensively at the beginning. And do that for us today. We answered the most important question right from the start: our drive for this entrepreneurial step, our “why” so to speak. Our luck was certainly the large overlap that we could see in this exercise. Working intensively on this at the beginning of our cooperation has since helped us immensely to resolve conflicts or not to let them become such in the first place. Not to mention the speed at which we were able to make some decisions. The fun factor should not go unmentioned, which is very important to us. But that’s also because we all just love each other.

The first order.

It is well known that every beginning is difficult, and so the beginning was also very challenging for us. How do we get our first customer? We soon had our first portfolio together and were able to attend our first customer appointments. The response was very positive from the start, but sales have not yet been successful. What now? From social media campaigns, live events to community events, there was hardly anything we left out. And yet, winning customers for an order was not that easy. Or was it our portfolio? Our story, which we told? Or did we imagine it all too simple? No matter what it was, at some point the time came when we had to convince a customer … no matter the cost. The effort was doubled, the number of events and phone calls attended increased … and lo and behold, our first customer was “suddenly” there.

From then on, 3 months had passed since we were founded, the spell was broken and the next customer orders followed. Everything went very well. And then there was Corona and the first lockdown.

Then came Covid.

Despite all the difficulties such as home schooling, travel and contact restrictions, and uncertainties about the continuation of customer orders, it has been shown that technological progress makes collaboration in the virtual space possible and is far more efficient than originally thought. As a young company, we learned a lot about the possibilities of virtual collaboration in this phase, and thus also the opportunity that offers us to scale and further develop our vision.

After the worst was over, we fully devoted ourselves to our mission and the goal of developing Blueponte into a company that supports many customers with their service integration, outsourcing, provider management and everything that goes with it.

No sooner said than done, we were able to welcome reinforcements to the team very soon. With our new colleagues, we were finally able to implement a lot of things that have so far been neglected due to time constraints. Over time, our vision has become more vivid and concrete, and it still is today. We look to a great future and are electrified by the new customers, future collaborations and, above all, other employees who enrich our team.

As an interim conclusion, one can only say that the last 2 years have been an extremely exciting, challenging and, above all, enriching journey for us. We met a lot of new people. We are grateful that we were able to work with you and are now more convinced than ever that we are on exactly the right track. We look forward to our future and to continuing to pursue our mission: Bringing Trust to IT Sourcing. SIAM at it’s best.

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